Who I am?

Anna Slomkowska
medical and sports dietician

I specialize in medical and sports dietetics and nutritional therapy; with numerous years of experience in clinical practice. Along with a passion for good food and wellbeing.

I have completed my MSc Degree in 2006 at the Collegium Medicum in Bydgoszcz, part of the Mikolaj Kopernik University in Torun.

I enjoy working one-to-one with clients to help them achieve their health goals; by meeting their personal situation and requirements. Whether you are looking for a weight loss programme, a specific diet plan to manage a medical condition; or a sports nutritionist.

Many common health problems can be prevented, managed and improved with a healthy diet and lifestyle. However, eating and our relationships with food are individual, emotive and often far from scientific, therefore my approach is tailored to each client respectively.

I frequently update my knowledge base through regular attendance at training seminars and conferences.

Alongside my clinical work I also contribute to various health related projects, including participating   in radio, print and television outlets by sharing my expertise.

How can I help you?

Services available for clients:

  • Eating Plan 'HEALTH' - 250 zł
    Specifically tailored for the clients:
    - overweight & obese,
    - hormonal issues i autoimmune diseases,
    ( ie.:Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto's , PCOS, diabetis type 2, hypertension, alergies, intestinal diseases, arthritis),
    - abnormal cholesterol levels,
    - food intolerances,
    - compromised immune system,
    - declines in energy and weakness
  • subsequent consultation - 100 zł
  • single consultation - 170 zł
  • Shopping with a nutritionist - 100 zł /hr. (area of Gdynia, Sopot, Gdańsk).

allergies and study of intestinal microflora

  • Diagnostic blood tests.

FoodScan IgG / IgA USBIOTEK ( 96 ingredients - 1800zł , 112 components - 2500zł )

The FoodScan IgG/ IgA USBIOTEK test enables a complete diagnosis of latent reactions to food. The laboratory responsible for the test is certified and accredited by the best agencies and laboratories: (COLA , CLIA , the Washington Department of Health , CAP). Most of the tests available on the Polish market will only check for hypersensitivity IgG.  To carry out a complete diagnosis of latent allergies, we also need to determine IgA antibodies ,since both IgG and IgA food sensitivities may coexist or be completely independent.

  • Diagnostic stool examinations.

MikroFloraScan ( 430zł )

MikroFloraScan PLUS ( 920 zł ) (extended diagnostics)

MikroFloraScan PLUS comprises an assessment of the parameters of inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract (fecal , M2 -PK + blood in the faeces) and the evaluation of the intestinal barrier ( zonulina ). Prolonged intestinal dysbiosis may lead to the development of inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract and unsealing of the intestinal barrier. A potential consequence maybe the development of food hypersensitivity, leading to further deterioration of health.

Source: Medical Center VitaImmun Poznan

For more information about intolerance and food allergies, please visit www.vitaimmun.pl

Business services ie.: lectures and training are quoted upon request.


Email: gabinet@trojmistaodietetyk.pl
phone: 692 120 698

13 I Armii Wojska Polskiego st.
room 218, 2nd floor